What are the conditions for Messi to stay at the Nou Camp “as king”?

The shock that Lionel Messi created in the summer of 2020 has just subsided. The burofax that the Argentine superstar sent to Barcelona with a request to leave created a quake not only with the cule, but also with football fans around the globe.

Currently, the departure of President Josep Bartomeu temporarily helps partially resolve the case. But in fact, Messi has not yet signed a contract extension with the Catalunya team. And the possibility of “El Pulga” freely leaving the Nou Camp at the end of the 2020/21 season is still completely open.

The worrying thing for Barcelona is that since January 2021, Lionel Messi has the freedom to negotiate with any club that this player wants, including English teams such as Man City, Liverpool, MU or even. Great rival in the sky Real Madrid. Bosman’s law allows the 33-year-old player to contact any partner during the last 6 months of his contract without going through the host club.

For that reason, what Barcelona needs to do now is to convince Lionel Messi and his agent to return to the negotiating table. However, Mr. Jorge Messi, father and also the representative of “Leo” is not very interested in the plan that interim President Carles Tusquets and his subordinates are trying hard.

According to Marca’s source, Lionel Messi has come to the decision to “stay stationary” from now until the end of the 2020/21 season and then consider the future. The captain of the Catalunya team does not need to be in a hurry, as time is still supporting him.

The pro-Real newspaper said Messi’s future depends on two factors. It is his own form and the future of the club. Barcelona’s performance in the 2020/21 season will be a very important factor for “Leo” to decide on the future.

The relationship between Lionel Messi and coach Ronald Koeman is still fine. But that doesn’t make much sense, because the most important thing is still the club’s performance. This was not the period when Barca was in good shape. They lost 1-3 in the Super Classic match, currently ranked only 8 in La Liga (kicked 2 matches less than the top team Sociedad). Above all, Messi longs for the Champions League and if Barca wins, maybe he will stay.

In addition, Messi is also very interested in the new Barcelona presidential election, which will take place in the summer of 2021. Former President Josep Bartomeu pushes this team into a comprehensive crisis, in terms of achievement collective as well as the financial situation of the club.

This source said that Lionel Messi is looking forward to the return of former President Joan Laporta. This is the president of Barcelona who has a great influence on Messi’s career as well as the success of the team’s history.

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