Top 5 worst failures in Messi’s career

Barca lost 2-8 shame to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, but is this the worst failure of Messi’s career?

Barca 2-8 Bayern Munich, quarter-finals of the Champions League 2019/20

An unbelievable defeat when the quarter-finals of the Champions League this year took place only in one match and the performance of the two teams made few people dare to think about this result before the ball rolled.

In this match, Messi played very poorly and could not score goals or create opportunities for his teammates. He kicked the full 90 minutes, but only had 59 touches of the ball, 38 passes with 71% accuracy and 3 shots toward the opponent’s goal.

Liverpool 4-0 Barca, the second leg of the Champions League semi-final 2018/19

Last season, Barca won 3-0 in the first leg and many people believed that they were sure of the final ticket.

But the subjectivity coupled with Liverpool’s stellar performance has created one of the most spectacular comeback in Champions League history. Messi can only score 2 goals to help Barca win the first leg but is helpless in the second leg.

Roma 3-0 Barca, the second leg of the 2017/18 Champions League quarter-finals

Like the match against Liverpool in the semifinals of the 2018/19 season, Barca also won Roma with a score of 4-1 at home in the first leg. But the Catalan club unexpectedly lost 3 goals without an equalizer in the second leg and had to pity to leave the tournament with the away goal rule.

Notably, Messi was stunned in both matches.

PSG 4-0 Barca, the first round of the 1/8 Champions League 2016/17 round

Unlike the aforementioned pairs, this time Barca lost a lot in the first leg away from home and played the role of a comer in the return leg at home. They lost 4 goals before they won a spectacular 6-1 at the Nou Camp.

In particular, the last 3 goals were scored after the 88th minute and Sergi Roberto’s decision came in only 90 + 5 minutes. In this match, Messi contributed to the score to increase the score to 3-0.

Barca 0-7 Bayern Munich, 2012/13 Champions League semi-finals (2 matches)

Another shameful Barca defeat in the Champions League took place against Bayern Munich in 2013.

They lost 4 goals on away field in the first leg before losing 3 more goals at home. At that time, Messi was only present in the first leg and was absent in the second leg due to injury. Then, Bayern Munich won Dortmund in the final to complete the historic treble. Now, they are aiming for the same goal after winning the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

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