Football is a “king” sport that offers its fans unforgettable feelings. Apart from great matches, football is also where “legends” were born. 

1, “King of soccer” Pele

King of soccer may be a name that reminds people of Pele more than his real one. Being born and raised in a country where football is one of the most thriving sports – Brazil, Pele started training football since the age of 15 and at the age of 17, he became part National Brazil Football Team and also in this year, his National team becomes World Cup champion. 

During his football playing career, Pele used to win 3 World Cup Championship and become the most prolific goal scorer in Brazil National Football Team. According to IFFHS, Pele is also a legendary goal scorer in international football history with 1281 goals in total 1363 matches. 

2. “Golden boy” Diego Maradona

Even though there are a lot of scandals outside the football pitch, Argentina football legendary – Maradona is still deserved to be one of the greatest football players all over the world. With endowed talent, he has played an important part in the World Cup 1986 Championship of Argentina.

In football club career, Maradona is also an outstanding player who helped Napoli ranked first Seria A in 2 seasons in 1987 and in 1990. Moreover, he also earned various individual titles and football cups throughout his legendary career. 

3. Legend Johann Cruyff

Johann Cruyff is a Netherlands legendary football player. Throughout his football playing career, he used to take part in top-ranked football clubs such as Ajax and Barcelona and became the most crucial factor leading to these clubs’ success. 

4. “King” Franz Beckenbauer

If Brazil has ”King of football” Pele, then in Germany, Franz Beckenbauer is the legend in the football field worldwide. He is one of very few players who have resounding triumph both on his playing and coaching career lately.

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