5. “Alien” Ronaldo (Fat Ronaldo)

The next player in the legendary football players list is Ronaldo – who has the ”alien” nickname. He is the top-ranking player of Brazil National Football Team who played a crucial part in gaining various prestigious  titles for the whole team.

Apart from that, Ronaldo has gained Ballon d’Or title twice and also, he  was the youngest football player throughout the history to be awarded the ”European Golden Shoe” when he was at the age of 21. In regarding of many different factors, “alien” Ronaldo deserves to be the most legendary football player of all time. “There will be just a few players in the near future can compare with this legends” – football experts said.

6. Zinedine Zidane:

.Zinedine Zidane is also another outstanding player on the list of legendary football players of all time. During his professional football career, he used to help French Football National Team to bring home the bacon with World Cup 1998 Champion, Euro 2000 Champion and won d’Or title in 1998. Apart from that, Zidane is also the player who broke the record of the most staggering transformation contract of up to 77 million euro from Juventus to Real. 

Nowadays, Zidane is no longer a professional football player. However, he is a professional coach for the Spanish Royal Football Team – Real Madrid and has gained a lot of success for this renowned club. 

 7. Alfredo Di Stefano

Di Stefano used to be well-known as the soul of Real Madrid during the 50s of the last decade. Former Argentina striker is the 3rd most outstanding player throughout the history of Real Madrid with great achievements: 216 wins in 282 plays, the players who had most scores in El Clasico play history. 

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