Things left behind after the match Man Utd 0-0 Man City

Contrary to the expectation of the live football viewers, the Derby to Manchester was quite bland and closed without any goals.

Pep safe or shy?

Pep Guardiola has surprised live football viewers by launching two defensive midfielders, Fernandinho and Rodri, on a trip to Old Trafford. In the context of Man Utd in a mental crisis after being eliminated from the Champions League, experts believe that The Citizen can fully use to search for 3 points and win the first away win. more than 1 month. However, it seems that Pep did not think about this and it was clearly shown in the starting squad.

After the match, the Spaniard said he was satisfied with this result. Is Pep too safe or is he simply “shy” after each student received 2 defeats against the Reds last season?

John Stones is reviving

Following the excellent performance in previous matches, John Stones continued to have extremely impressive performances in the Derby match. The British midfielder is the best star of this match with 10 times to get the ball back, 1 time to save the shot from the opponent, 2 times to win in hand-to-hand disputes and to pass 96% accuracy.

In the last 5 matches John Stones played in the starting lineup, Man City kept a clean sheet. This leaves Laporte on the bench and the Stones are currently the number 1 choice next to Ruben Dias in The Citizen’s defensive centerpiece.

Desperate attempts by De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes

The two most anticipated stars of the match could not bring the desired results for their team. Kevin De Bruyne, as usual, played exceptionally well with his masterful passing ability. However, he did not receive great support from the back and when he launched a super slit, the strikers of the green shirt team were too bad.

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes is still playing very actively as usual. However, the play of Man Utd has certainly somewhat limited the Portuguese star’s creativity.

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