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Mike Mustre: Journey from basketball legend to anti-COVID-19 hero

Mike Mustre, the legendary basketball of the Philippines, is a major contributor in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Former San Miguel Beer player Mike Mustre is one of the medical staff currently risking his life to help COVID-19-positive patients escape death. How the Filipino basketball legend becomes a medical staff in London, it’s a long story.

Having spent 8 years with San Miguel Beer at the PBA Philippines championship, Mike Mustre and his teammates won 5 championships between 1995 and 2002. After that, he was sponsored by his wife to go to England and arrested. beginning learning the work of an expert at St. University Georgre’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Mike Mustre: Hành trình từ huyền thoại bóng rổ tới người hùng chống COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Europe, Britain was one of the countries with the most positive cases in the world, currently there are 51,608 cases including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It was also a time when doctors and specialists like Mike Mustre had to work tirelessly to avoid the rising number of 5,000 deaths.

Mustre’s main job was working as an assistant in the brain and spine surgery room, but the COVID-19 struck him so he had to support his colleagues. Every day, in the hospital and in the place where I live, I can fall victim to this virus at any time, but when I am healthy I still want to do my best to help people”.

Mustre’s wife is also a nurse working in a private hospital, but she has been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), since the Mustre couple decided to separate and not meet. Remove anyone in the family.

Mike Mustre: Hành trình từ huyền thoại bóng rổ tới người hùng chống COVID-19

He and his wife have four children, two boys and two girls, all of whom are passionate about basketball like their father and any other Filipinos. But the arrival of COVID-19 caused the tournaments to be postponed and they suffered from unemployment.

On Good Morning Britain broadcast on Tuesday, journalists and editors praised Mike Mustre and Filipinos living in the UK as the “Silent Hero”.

As the journalist Piers Morgan praised: Mike Mustre and the Filipinos came here to enrich England’s cultural identity, when the country was in danger they dared to use their lives to sacrifice the health of humanity.

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