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HOT Football News November 15: Liverpool is compensated by FIFA for Gomez’s injury

Until Gomez recovers, FIFA must bear Liverpool’s salary to pay Gomez, about 2.63 million USD.

FIFA compensation for Liverpool

The World Football Federation (FIFA) will have to pay Liverpool the equivalent of midfielder Joe Gomez’s salary from now until the end of the season. According to the Daily Mail (UK), until Gomez recovers, FIFA must bear Liverpool’s salary to pay Gomez, about 2.63 million USD. This is the regulation of the player protection program set by FIFA itself. Clubs, if a player is injured while serving the team in friendly matches, class A matches and training sessions for the aforementioned matches, will be compensated by FIFA.

Deschamps: “Some French players are uncomfortable at the club”

Coach Didier Deschamps appreciated his students after a 1-0 victory over Portugal in the Nations League, although many of them were having trouble at the club. “Victory has never been easy, especially in the situation”, Deschamps said about the French pillars are having difficulty in clubs. “Some of my students are having their own problems. They are not really comfortable playing football every week at clubs. But when they fight together for France, they show a completely different face proves that France is a wonderful group”.

Malaysia can withdraw from the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

While football is slowly returning in the region and Asia, Malaysia has not been able to bring football back to normal. Recently, the Malaysian government asked the Malaysian Football Federation (FAM) to postpone the Malaysia Cup. FAM decided to cancel this tournament. Malaysia’s most powerful football authority does not want to prolong the tournament while putting additional wage pressure on domestic clubs.

After this long-standing tournament was canceled, the FAM leader admitted that Malaysian football would “freeze” for the rest of 2020 and have not set a date to return in 2021. If the situation continues, football Malaysia will not be able to return in the first half of 2021, meaning Malaysia is not focused and may have to withdraw from the rest of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia.

Coach Ancelotti can bring Isco to Everton

According to Le10Sport, after recruiting James Rodriguez, coach Carlo Ancelotti urged Everton to spend the budget recruiting Isco in January 2021. Many sources said Real Madrid is ready to let the Spanish midfielder go for about £ 20 million. Isco currently has a contract until the summer of 2022 with the Bernabeu. From the success of James Rodriguez, it is likely that Everton owners will accept this plan from the Italian coach.

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List of teams winning the European Super Cup over the years

Updated details of the list of European Super Cup champions since their first stint in 1973.

The European Super Cup is a match between the C1 / Champions League champion and the team crowned in the Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup).

The first European Super Cup took place in 1973 between Ajax and AC Milan. Over nearly half a century, AC Milan and Barca are the two richest clubs in the European Super Cup with 5 victories. Followed by Real Madrid 4 times and Atletico Madrid, Liverpool – 3 times.


Nationally, Spain is dominating the European Supercup with 15 times the representative who stepped onto the top of the podium. Behind Spain are Italy (9 times) and England (7 times).

Notably, the Champions League/Champions Cup winners have won 24 of 44 European Super Cups. Liverpool is champions of the European Super Cup after beating Chelsea in a penalty shootout 11 meters in August last year.


List of teams winning the European Super Cup over the years

1973: Ajax vs AC Milan: 0-1; 6-0

1974: Not organized

1975: Dinamo Kiev vs Bayern Munich: 1-0; 2-0

1976: Anderlecht vs Bayern Munich: 1-2; 4-1

1977: Liverpool vs Hamburg: 1-1; 6-0

1978: Anderlecht vs Liverpool: 3-1; 1-2

1979: Nottingham Forest vs Barca: 1-0; 1-1

1980: Valencia vs Nottingham Forest: 1-2; 1-0 (Valencia wins the final thanks to the away goal rule)

1981: Not organized

1982: Aston Villa vs Barca: 0-1; 3-0

1983: Aberdeen vs Hamburg: 0-0; 2-0

1984: Juventus vs Liverpool: 2-0

1985: Not organized

1986: Steaua Bucuresti vs Dinamo Kiev: 1-0

1987: Porto vs Ajax: 1-0; 1-0

1988: Mechelen vs PSV: 3-0; 0-1

1989: AC Milan vs Barca: 1-1; 1-0

1990: AC Milan vs Sampdoria: 1-1; 2-0

1991: MU vs Red Star Belgrade: 1-0

1992: Barca vs Bremen: 1-1; 2-1

1993: Parma vs AC Milan: 1-1; 2-0

1994: AC Milan vs Arsenal: 0-0; 2-0

1995: Ajax vs Zaragoza: 1-1; 4-0

1996: Juventus vs PSG: 6-1; 3-1

1997: Barca vs Dortmund: 2-0; 1-1

1998: Chelsea vs Real Madrid: 1-0

1999: Lazio vs MU: 1-0

2000: Galatasaray vs Real Madrid: 2-1

2001: Liverpool vs Bayern Munich: 3-2

2002: Real Madrid vs Feyenoord: 3-1

2003: AC Milan vs Porto: 1-0

2004: Valencia vs Porto: 2-1

2005: Liverpool vs CSKA Moscow: 3-1

2006: Sevilla vs Barca: 3-0

2007: AC Milan vs Sevilla: 3-1

2008: Zenit vs MU: 2-1

2009: Barca vs Shakhtar Donetsk: 1-0

2010: Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan: 2-0

2011: Barca vs Porto: 2-0

2012: Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea: 4-1

2013: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea: 2-2 (penalty: 5-4)

2014: Real Madrid vs Sevilla: 2-0

2015: Barca vs Sevilla: 5-4

2016: Real Madrid vs Sevilla: 3-2

2017: Real Madrid vs MU: 2-1

2018: Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid: 4-2

2019: Liverpool vs Chelsea: 2-2 (penalty: 5-4)

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7 moments to decide the championship of Liverpool

Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time with a spectacular journey, including a number of crucial moments.

1. Norwich 3-2 Man City

This is Man City’s first defeat in the Premier League this season. They were at a disadvantage when center-back Laporte was injured and the pair of John Stones – Otamendi could not bring the necessary certainty after Kompany’s departure.

Moreover, coach Pep Guardiola also made the mistake of placing Kevin de Bruyne on the bench and only threw this player in the second half when Man City was 3-1. The shock defeat against Norwich made Man City 5 points behind Liverpool after only the first 5 rounds.

2. Liverpool 2-1 Leicester

Liverpool have had a difficult match against Leicester playing brilliantly this season under the direction of coach Brendan Rodgers. When James Maddison equalized for Leicester in the 80th minute, many thought Liverpool had lost points for the first time this season.

But in the end, Mane still brought a penalty in the 90 + 5 minutes to help Milner score a valuable goal and ensure a successful victory for Liverpool in the first 8 rounds.

3. Man City 0-2 Wolves

Liverpool’s joy of winning Leicester also doubled when City lost shock Wolves the next day. It was a rare match where the City strikers could not score, and Adama Traore had a brilliant performance, scoring 2 goals in the last 15 minutes.

This defeat caused City to be 8 points behind Liverpool when the new season passed the first 8 rounds.

4. Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool

Once again Liverpool escaped spectacularly in injury time. Klopp’s side were led by Aston Villa until the 87th minute.

But Liverpool strikers still managed to score 2 goals in the last 7 minutes to complete the spectacular comeback and maintain an unbeaten record after the first 11 rounds. This victory also helped Liverpool maintain a 6-point gap with Man City.

5. Liverpool 3-1 Man City

Winning a 6-point match is very important both mentally and score. Liverpool continued to be unbeaten, and Man City received the third defeat and the gap between the two teams was also widened to 9 points after only 12 rounds.

6. Leicester 0-4 Liverpool

Returning from the tiring journey at the FIFA Club World Cup, Liverpool immediately gained prestige with a 4-star victory right on the nearest chasing opponent, Leicester. This victory shows the terrifying strength and persistence of Liverpool this season, despite having to fight in many arenas.

3 points to help Liverpool away from Leicester itself is ranked 2nd with a distance of 13 points, despite playing less than 1 match. At that time, the Premier League just experienced the first 19 rounds.

7. Liverpool 2-0 MU

MU was the only team to score against Liverpool in the first leg, but that result cannot be repeated in the second leg. Liverpool defeated MU 2-0 at home to have 22 victories in the first 23 rounds.

At that time, Liverpool had 30 points more than MU and 16 points more than the second ranked team Man City, but still played less than 1 match. At this time, the most dreamed fans did not dare to believe that Liverpool missed the championship.

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