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Ronaldo frustrated the Covid-19 test process, posting clips of enthusiastic practice

Ronaldo is very eager to return because he feels very healthy, but the PCR test results show that the Portuguese superstar is still infected with Covid-19.

The great war between Juventus and Barcelona lacks an important name. That is Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar who is still suffering from Covid-19 after 3 tests and still has to isolate himself at his own home. Without the brightest star, Juventus lost 0-2 after 2 goals from Ousmane Dembele and Leo Messi.

A question that many people are interested in at the moment is how is Ronaldo’s current health condition? The answer is very strong. The Portuguese superstar constantly uploads pictures, but videos prove his health is very normal.

Most recently, Ronaldo posted a video on social media showing the Portuguese superstar wearing a Juventus jersey running on a treadmill and then jumping down to make a familiar swinging dance. Along with that is a message to the teammates at Juventus.

In good health but still not able to play, this makes Ronaldo feel frustrated. According to Tuttosport, Ronaldo “is like a monster locked in a cage” and is extremely dissatisfied with being quarantined up to this point.

In a later comment on social networks, Ronaldo could not even keep his composure when he said “hard of hearing”. “PCR testing is nonsense.” Molecular biology testing (PCR) is playing an important role in determining whether a person is infected with Covid-19 or not.

In fact, since being found positive for Covid-19 up to now, Ronaldo has never had any symptoms of infection. Since being in the Portuguese team until now at home, CR7 has not shown any signs and is still functioning normally.

The problem is that the PCR test still shows the Portuguese superstar infected. Therefore, quarantine measures are necessary to avoid transmission. Ronaldo clearly has reason to be impatient because this is the fourth match that CR7 could not participate with Juventus and the results of the team were not satisfactory (1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss).

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Conte angrily criticized the big boss, threatening to leave Inter Milan for what reason?

Coach Antonio Conte had quite harsh words with the threat of resignation to the Inter Milan leadership.

Inter Milan finished Serie A 2019/20 with second place, only 1 point behind champions Juventus. This can be said to be the club’s best performance in a decade in the league and this was thanks to coach Antonio Conte and the help of his assistants and sports director Beppe Marotta.

However, after a 2-0 win at Atalanta, Conte unexpectedly used an interview after the game to express dissatisfaction with the Inter leadership. He said senior team officials should have protected him and the players against the criticism they received when the results were not good at some stage this season.

Conte giận dữ chỉ trích sếp lớn, dọa rời Inter Milan vì lý do gì? - 1

“This is a difficult year, I don’t think the players feel their achievements are recognized and I don’t think my own achievements are recognized. We receive very little support from the club. We will have to improve in all aspects and a big club must also protect our players stronger. At the end of the season I will talk to the management about this, but the chairman (Steven Zhang) is in China”, Conte said.

Conte not only that but recalled an old story at the club to talk about the disrespect of the leaders at Inter. “This has been a stressful year but the players have done well, they have isolated themselves from the criticism and created a solidarity in competition. I do not like those who, although theoretically also Inter, but do not share the difficulties of the team”, Conte said.

“This team has been bombarded by outside public opinion for months without anyone protecting it. My colleagues and I have a vision, we see the path we need to go and know what to do to reach our goals. I just watched an interview with Luciano Spalletti in 2017 when he was still here, and so far nothing has changed at Inter Milan”.

Conte giận dữ chỉ trích sếp lớn, dọa rời Inter Milan vì lý do gì? - 2

Conte also emphasized that his frustration with Inter’s management has nothing to do with the transfer. “I want to make it clear here that I’m not talking about transfers or players, I’m happy with that aspect. I was brought here to help win, and when the season ends I will say things I am not happy to evaluate and offer solutions”, he said.

Conte rumors have been rife with Inter’s leadership for a few months and his recent statements have led Italian public opinion that he is likely to resign at Inter shortly after the end of the upcoming Europa League. Conte has had conflicts with superiors at Chelsea and this is considered to be nothing new in the career of this military leader.

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Ronaldo surprised Juventus with the better physical index than in March

Cristiano Ronaldo, when he returned to training with Juventus, made the staff of the club by the physical indicators even better than in March.

Cristiano Ronaldo was checked by every Juventus employee on every aspect of the physical and published data that surprised everyone, because it was better than in March, when the season was halted due to COVID-19.

According to Tuttosport, the CR7 machine power tests have provided higher data than in March. This can be considered as a result of rigorous training in the Portuguese star’s gym throughout. months in Madeira.

Ronaldo returned to his home town on March 9 and practiced tirelessly with the equipment in his modern gym. Most of the photos of CR7 posted on social networks show how hard he works to keep fit.

Like many other players, COVID-19 has brought paradox when creating positive effects for Ronaldo. He has the maximum amount of time to maintain fitness with personal exercises that are his forte.

But if not in the gym, Ronaldo is also ready to train (crunch) in the basement of the garage, running steeply outside the villa’s premises with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Or in the final days in Madeira before returning to Italy, Ronaldo contacted the old club Nacional to practice on the field with two other players.

After 2 weeks of isolation in Italy, Ronaldo returned to training with Juventus with a slim and toned body as usual. What he showed on the pitch led fans to believe that the star remained high, despite not playing for 3 months.

CR7 has been astonishing on the training ground by shooting the ball into the basketball net basket, great sprint and the latest is beating goalkeeper Carlo Pinsiglio with an incredible shot. All are proof of his perfect physical condition.

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