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Inter shocking can chase Conte before Wednesday, the old teacher Ronaldo replaced?

The Italian press has speculated that Inter Milan will dismiss coach Antonio Conte this week due to severe criticism of the team leadership.

Head coach Antonio Conte can leave Inter Milan after just one season of guidance, the information has appeared on the newspapers in Italy and is causing a stir of public opinion. The reason is thought to be due to a deep disagreement between Conte and the Inter leadership.

After the match against Atalanta to end the season, Conte made angry statements that Inter’s management did not protect him and the players against public opinion. He thinks Inter’s second-place Serie A may be praised by officials at this moment, but in fact they did not have any supportive moves during the team’s performance was not good.

Inter gây sốc có thể đuổi Conte trước thứ Tư, thầy cũ Ronaldo thay thế? - 1

Conte’s conflict with the Inter leadership was rumored to have been around earlier this year when the Italian leader complained about the club’s transfer, that he and sports director Beppe Marotta were not given enough money to recruit the army. However, after being added Christian Eriksen, Victor Moses and Ashley Young and Achraf Hakimi will join in the following season, Conte has a new reason to complain.

The Inter leadership is said to be feeling Conte’s lack of gratitude and understanding for them, that they have supported him as much as possible with about 200 million euros in investment and even are willing to spend more money because Champions League next season. Conte can threaten to resign but Inter will not go into the water but has found a replacement.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, coach Max Allegri is the No. 1 candidate to replace Conte at Inter. Allegri has been unemployed since leaving Juventus last year due to his unpopular football style despite leading the stars with Cristiano Ronaldo & Paulo Dybala. He was rumored to be going to England to work, but in the end he had yet to find a new club and would probably accept Inter if given the chance.

Inter gây sốc có thể đuổi Conte trước thứ Tư, thầy cũ Ronaldo thay thế? - 2

Allegri is a former Juventus man but like Conte, the story of a coach working for two rival rivals in Italy happened like a meal. Besides, Allegri has had experience working with Marotta at Juventus and has a good relationship, moreover, Allegri does not have the habit of complaining much to his superiors when he is not given the money or the player.

Although the Serie A season is over, Inter still have a game against Getafe next Wednesday. The Italian press has mentioned the possibility of “crazy” that when the game took place Conte may not have been in the “hot seat”, but the replacement of the champion can not be so quick, unless Inter is not very concerned about the match.

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