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  • In 1950, the World Cup took place in Brazil. During the final of this championship this year, no one believed that under the cheering of almost 200.000 spectators on legendary Maracana Stadium, Brazil National Team ended up as a loser to Uruguay National Football Team. This has been one of the most shocking events in football history until now.
  • In 2006, the largest-scale football betting scandal and match-fixing which had never been seen before produced a stir in the whole world. Calciopoli is the scandal which led to Juventus Club’s championship disqualification of 2005 and 2006. This club was also under-ranked to play for Serie B. AC Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and other football teams such as Reggina, Arezzo were also fined with different measures. If there were no championship for Juventus in 2006, a lot of Italian football players would be put in jail.
  • In 2000, Figo decided to sign a contract with the opponent team of Barcelona – Real Madrid with a staggering transformation fee of 38,7 million pounds. This transformation deal has added insult to injury between these 2 prestigious teams.
  • In the semi-final of World Cup 1982, when France has to face West Germany, Battiston comes into play from the substitute position in round 2. After 10 minutes of the match, Battiston was so close to scoring the goal when there was just only goalkeeper of West France Schumacher. However, a horrific thing happened when, in an effort for saving the lost, goalkeeper Harald Schumacher’s hips collided with the head of Barriston. This collide made Battiston fall into unconsciousness immediately. His neck was broken. Michel Platini said he had thought Battison had died, as “Barriston does not have heartbeat anymore and looked totally pale.” But luckily, he was taken to the hospital just in time.
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As everyone knows, football is an entertaining recreation. However, few of us also recognize how cruel this sport is. This is a story about Moacir Barbosa, the most unfortunate victim in football’s history. Just because of a fault, he had to pay off through his lifetime.

World Cup 1958 is the first time when Brazil won the title. However, at that moment of celebrating that world championship, Samba people we’re still mournful as they were supposed to be champion 8 years previously.

This is Moacir Barbosa, who was considered as World Cup 1950’s loser. He was the main reason for Brazil’s championship loss that year and then turned back on by the whole nation. 

Back in 1950, Brazil showed its great grave for winning the title. Throughout 60 years since its Independence day, they had never had the chance to do this. At that year, the World Cup was celebrated in Brazil, which was a special occasion for Brazilians. Mayor Rio de Janeiro on the day of publishing extravagant Maracana stadium declined: ” We finished our work of building Maracana, now it’s your turn, bring home the World Cup bacon.” 

On the 16th of July, there were 200.000 spectators gathering in Maracana to speculate the fateful final. When the match only had 24 minutes left and the score was 1-1, Brazil was close to being champion. Unfortunately, at the 79th minute, Alcides Ghiggia of Uruguay shot the ball perfectly to the goal while Canadian goalkeeper Barbosa could not read Alcides’ mind.

After that regretful failure in the decisive final, Moacir Barbosa was accused as the goalkeeper who ”made all of the Canadian cry”. He was condemned for life and treated badly since that day. Neither the National team not football club calls for Moacir until the end of his life. He died in poverty and disaffection of the whole nation. On the day he passed away, he said: ” In Brazil, the longest sentence only lasts 30 years, while I had to suffer from the 50-year sentence of the whole nation..”

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