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Top 20 most expensive U18 players in the world including Ronaldo

Wolves bought Fabio Silva from Porto to turn this 2002-born striker into the most expensive U18 player ever in the world.

Wolves surprised many people when they spent 35 million pounds (40 million euros) to buy 18-year-old player Fabio Silva.

It is worth mentioning, the Portuguese striker only kicked one game in Primeira Liga last season, making this deal considered a gamble of “Wolves”.

Now, Fabio Silva is the third most expensive U18 player in history after the Real Madrid duo. At the beginning of the 2019/20 season, Los Blanco made a cult deal of up to 45 million euros for striker Rodrygo from Santos.

A year earlier, Real Madrid also paid the same amount to Flamengo for Vinicius Jr, who is likened to the new Neymar.

Within a decade, MU made two expensive contracts for the U18 player. In the 2004/05 season, Wayne Rooney from Everton for 37 million euros, while Luke Shaw for 37.5 million from Southampton in the 2014/15 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also on the list of the most expensive U18 players. In 2013, he moved from Sporting Lisbon to MU for 19 million euros. However, CR7 is only ranked 17th by many other players with higher prices, including 3 recent 2-season contracts.

This summer, British talent Jude Bellingham moved from Birmingham to Dortmund for 26.5 million euros. A year earlier, Arsenal spent 30 million euros to buy William Saliba from Saint Etienne, and Real Madrid also spent the same amount on Flamengo for Reinier.

20 most expensive U18 players:

1. Rodrygo: from Santos to Real Madrid with 45 million euros (2019/20)

1. Vinicius Jr: from Flamengo to Real Madrid with 45 million (2018/19)

3. Fabio Silva: from Porto to Wolves with 40 million (2020/21)

4. Luke Shaw: from Southampton to MU with 37.5 million (2014/15)

5. Wayne Rooney: from Everton to MU with 37 million (2004/05)

6. Renato Sanches: from Benfica to Bayern Munich with 35 million (2016/17)

7. Alessandro Bastoni: from Atalanta to Inter with 31.1 million (2017/18)

8. Antonio Cassano: from Bari to Rome with 31 million (2001/02)

9. Reinier: from Flamengo to Real Madrid with 30 million (2019/20)

9. William Saliba: from Saint Etienne to Arsenal with 30 million (2019/20)

11. Jude Bellingham: from Birmingham to Dortmund with 26.5 million (2020/21)

12. Alexandre Pato: From Internacional to Milan with 24 million (2007/08)

13. Sergio Aguero: from Independiente to Atletico Madrid with 21.7 million (2006/07)

14. Pietro Pellegri: from Genoa to Monaco with 20.9 million (2017/18)

15. Stephan El Shaarawy: from Genoa to Milan with 20.3 million (2011/12)

16. Willem Geubbels: from Lyon to Monaco with 20 million (2018/19)

17. Cristiano Ronaldo: from Sporting Lisbon to MU with 19 million (2003/04)

18. Paulinho: from Vasco da Gama to Leverkusen with 18.5 million (2018/19)

19. Romelu Lukaku: From Anderlecht to Chelsea with 15 million (2011/12)

20. Gareth Bale: from Southampton to Tottenham with 14.7 million (2007/08)

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