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Which scenario for the European Cup race next season? (Part 1)

Leicester, Chelsea, MU still maintain the position, or spoilers Wolves appear in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season? Only time will tell for this difficult question. 

If there is a spectacular sprint at the end of the season, Manchester United is fully capable of returning to the Champions League after a year of absence. Theoretically, Chelsea or Leicester City are the teams that took advantage of the top 4 race, before the Premier League returned after the outbreak. However, in terms of form, MU was the first team to impress professionals before the tournament was postponed because of Covid-19. 

Kịch bản nào cho cuộc đua dự cúp Châu Âu mùa tới? - 1

So far, MU has had a series of 14 unbeaten matches in all fronts. “Red Devil” has entered the phom, with the shine of rookie Bruno Fernandes. The presence of the Portuguese midfielder creates a fresh feature in MU’s play, boosting the fighting spirit of the current stars. It can be said that Fernandes is one of the most successful contracts in the past winter market. He did not spend much time catching up with his teammates, making a huge impact on the squad. Fernandes takes a long shot, supports the defense, passes the ball and especially the tricky and precise fixed situations. That is what MU has lacked for many years.

Kịch bản nào cho cuộc đua dự cúp Châu Âu mùa tới? - 2

Therefore, when the Premier League returns, Fernandes will probably improve even more after spending a longer time with the new team. The videos of Fernandes training and honing long-range skills and free kicks during the outbreak show the progress of this midfielder. The spirit of determination played by Bruno Fernandes is also something MU lacks for many years. This can greatly affect the chances of attending the Champions League at the end of the red half of Manchester. A schedule that is not too heavy, relatively moderate in the rest of the season is also the reason why MU is highly appreciated in the race to qualify for the Champions League next season. 

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