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How does Dybala get rid of corona virus after 4 positive times?

Dybala has fully recovered after getting rid of the corona virus, although 4 different tests were positive previously.

In March, shortly after teammates Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi received positive results for COVID-19, Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini became victims of the corona virus.

Since then, the couple has to be isolated in their own home to treat themselves. For about 6 weeks as a victim and as a doctor, Dybala seemed to have defeated the corona virus when posting the message: “I was feeling better, no longer aching or tired. Hopefully, I can return to normal training ”.

Dybala thoát khỏi virus corona sau 4 lần dương tính như thế nào?

However, while Rugani and Matuidi were cured in turn, undergoing four different tests, the striker born in 1993 was still positive for COVID-19. That made Dybala and the Juventus medical team really worried.

Immediately, the 27-year-old striker was appointed for more intensive treatment, beginning with a blood sample to test for the origin of the virus and the variant, as well as the likelihood of the virus remaining.

Plasma transfusion therapy from a person who has been removed from the corona virus to an infected person is also included in the treatment regimen.

And finally the good news came to Dybala. After 1 week of intensive treatment, the former Palermo player got rid of the corona virus. “Dybala has just been double tested, and all have negative results. This player has recovered and defeated COVID-19”, the club Juventus announced.

Dybala thoát khỏi virus corona sau 4 lần dương tính như thế nào?

Dybala also did not hide his joy after a while fighting the evil virus: “Looking at my face is enough to understand how great my joy is after getting rid of COVID-19. Thanks for all the support and support for me all the time, ”the striker of the“ Old lady ”payroll shared on Instagram.

After recovering, Dybala was given the green light by Juventus to return to practice. However, the Argentine star still trains at home because he needs an additional 14 days of follow-up.

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