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Watch live football: The things behind RB Leipzig 3-2 Man Utd match

Man Utd has made the fans hit the bottom of disappointment when officially stopped in the group stage of the Champions League this season.

RB Leipzig deserves more

Welcoming Man Utd at home with the mission to win, RB Leipzig showed the bravery of the team that reached the Champions League semi-finals last season. Coach and coach Julien Nagelsmann chose to join the pace with the tactic of hitting the guests face and they got worthy results.

Just 12 minutes after the opening whistle, Dan Bo took the lead with two goals with precise and impressive attack arrangements. In the following minutes of the game, seeing how the representative of Germany took the game and made the Reds dead only emphasized the fact that they are the ones who deserve to join PSG to enter the eighth round.

Man Utd’s disaster defense

At Red Bull Arena, coach Ole Solskjaer decided to launch a squad with a 5-man defense. This makes Man Utd fans believe that their beloved team will stand firmly in front of the sublime attacking line of the home team. But in the end all are offside.

Leipzig’s first two goals were simple attacking arrangements and not too complicated. However, the black-shirt defenders in these situations seem to turn “invisible” and let the home team’s strikers finish comfortably. Meanwhile, many people who watch football live also satirize Harry Maguire has chosen a beautiful position to witness the third goal of the home team.

The rebound came from Angelino

Before the game, RB Leipzig left-back Angelino declared, “Man Utd is sometimes very classy, ​​but they are actually very normal.” The fans of the Red Devils will probably see this player as a thorn in the eye after these words. However, Angelino confirmed his words were true with a superb performance on the pitch.

The Spanish defender is the one who opened the scoring of this match with an exit and finish situation like a striker. He is also the creator for Amadou Haidara to double the gap for the home team. In addition, throughout this match, the former Man City star is the most prominent factor with the comprehensive manual ability that makes the right wing of Man Utd almost paralyzed.

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How much bonus does Bayern get when they win the Champions League?

After beating PSG, Bayern Munich won the Champions League and is waiting for a huge bounty for their success.

UEFA introduced a new income system last season in which Bayern Munich, as well as all the teams participating in the Champions League group stage, were guaranteed a fixed amount of 15.25 million euros.

Kingsley Coman was chosen to start the Bayern Munich squad in the final instead of Ivan Perisic. This decision by coach Hansi Flick received great results when the French winger scored the only goal with his header in the second half.

Both Bayern Munich and PSG created many chances to score in the first half that Lewandowski, Neymar, Mbappe all missed. But in the end, Coman was the one to break the deadlock from Kimmich’s tectonic line.

With this strike, Coman became the fifth French player to score in a Champions League final after Basile Boli (1993), Marcel Desailly (1994), Zinedine Zidane (2002), and Karim Benzema (2018).

Winning the final makes Bayern’s income in the Champions League continue to increase. The Bavarian side earned 82.45 million euros for the results obtained in the tournament and about 32 million euros thanks to the ranking factor. 

Winning the Champions League also means Lewandowski and his teammates will compete for the European Super Cup, guaranteeing an additional 3.5 million euros. In total, Bayern pocketed 117.95 million for success this season.

In terms of bonuses for tournament results, the criteria are the same as last season. For each group stage victory, the team received €2.7 million and €900,000 for a draw.

By the eighth round, they received 9.5 million euros, the quarterfinals 10.5 million and the semi-finals were 12 million. 

In the end, the two teams who won the right to compete in the final received 15 million euros, the champion alone had 4 million more. The winning team will qualify for the European Super Cup, guaranteeing them 3.5 million.

Last season, champions Liverpool pocketed £70 million for the results and a total of 109 million for the awards. 

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Top 5 worst failures in Messi’s career

Barca lost 2-8 shame to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, but is this the worst failure of Messi’s career?

Barca 2-8 Bayern Munich, quarter-finals of the Champions League 2019/20

An unbelievable defeat when the quarter-finals of the Champions League this year took place only in one match and the performance of the two teams made few people dare to think about this result before the ball rolled.

In this match, Messi played very poorly and could not score goals or create opportunities for his teammates. He kicked the full 90 minutes, but only had 59 touches of the ball, 38 passes with 71% accuracy and 3 shots toward the opponent’s goal.

Liverpool 4-0 Barca, the second leg of the Champions League semi-final 2018/19

Last season, Barca won 3-0 in the first leg and many people believed that they were sure of the final ticket.

But the subjectivity coupled with Liverpool’s stellar performance has created one of the most spectacular comeback in Champions League history. Messi can only score 2 goals to help Barca win the first leg but is helpless in the second leg.

Roma 3-0 Barca, the second leg of the 2017/18 Champions League quarter-finals

Like the match against Liverpool in the semifinals of the 2018/19 season, Barca also won Roma with a score of 4-1 at home in the first leg. But the Catalan club unexpectedly lost 3 goals without an equalizer in the second leg and had to pity to leave the tournament with the away goal rule.

Notably, Messi was stunned in both matches.

PSG 4-0 Barca, the first round of the 1/8 Champions League 2016/17 round

Unlike the aforementioned pairs, this time Barca lost a lot in the first leg away from home and played the role of a comer in the return leg at home. They lost 4 goals before they won a spectacular 6-1 at the Nou Camp.

In particular, the last 3 goals were scored after the 88th minute and Sergi Roberto’s decision came in only 90 + 5 minutes. In this match, Messi contributed to the score to increase the score to 3-0.

Barca 0-7 Bayern Munich, 2012/13 Champions League semi-finals (2 matches)

Another shameful Barca defeat in the Champions League took place against Bayern Munich in 2013.

They lost 4 goals on away field in the first leg before losing 3 more goals at home. At that time, Messi was only present in the first leg and was absent in the second leg due to injury. Then, Bayern Munich won Dortmund in the final to complete the historic treble. Now, they are aiming for the same goal after winning the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

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Lampard demanded justice for Chelsea, wanted to be privileged as MU – Man City

Frank Lampard thinks Chelsea deserve to start the new season just like the European quarter-finals.

Among the English teams that still have to play in the European Cup this season, Chelsea is the team with the least chance to continue. MU and Man City both have the advantage of leading the opponent while Wolves hold and have goals on the court of Olympiacos.

Chelsea, on the other hand, lost 0-3 at home to Bayern Munich. This means that Frank Lampard’s teachers and students need to score at least 3 goals at the Allianz Arena and not concede any goals to expect the opportunity to continue. This is extremely difficult because Bayern Munich is a very strong team.

Lampard đòi công lý cho Chelsea, muốn được đặc ân như MU - Man City - 1

Meanwhile, Chelsea are losing heavy forces after a long time playing continuously. Frank Lampard lost up to 3 players in the recent FA Cup final when Azpilicueta, Pulisic and Pedro were unable to leave the pitch.

Besides, Willian, Gilmour or Ruben Loftus-Cheek all attach different injuries and the time of return is unknown. In a recent interview, Lampard also acknowledged that Azpilicueta and Pulisic could hardly attend the match against Bayern Munich.

If they cannot win, Chelsea will have to start the new season like other teams. According to the recent announcement of the Premier League, the 2020/21 season will start on September 12 – meaning Lampard’s teachers and students will have a month of rest.

However, the English teacher still thought that that time was not enough. “I know when we start the new season depends on the match against Bayern Munich. But the Chelsea players need to rest after spending a harsh season.

Lampard đòi công lý cho Chelsea, muốn được đặc ân như MU - Man City - 2

In the worst case, we are eliminated early, the 12/9 milestone is still too early to start again. My players are overloaded. That’s why I got 2 hamstring injuries in the same day,

I think the Premier League organizers need to take this issue seriously and Chelsea should be considered a Champions League team to be fair when the new season begins. Earlier, the Premier League organizers had privileged the English teams to play in the Champions League quarter-finals. They may start the season late to have at least 30 days of rest”.

In terms of situations, Lampard’s requests are not necessarily too much but it is difficult to be accepted. Due to the fact, Chelsea only plays one more game (if losing to Bayern Munich), so the extended vacation of this team will cause frustration for other teams. Therefore, Lampard’s teachers and students are given more or less to depend on the match with Bayern Munich.

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