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How much bonus does Bayern get when they win the Champions League?

After beating PSG, Bayern Munich won the Champions League and is waiting for a huge bounty for their success.

UEFA introduced a new income system last season in which Bayern Munich, as well as all the teams participating in the Champions League group stage, were guaranteed a fixed amount of 15.25 million euros.

Kingsley Coman was chosen to start the Bayern Munich squad in the final instead of Ivan Perisic. This decision by coach Hansi Flick received great results when the French winger scored the only goal with his header in the second half.

Both Bayern Munich and PSG created many chances to score in the first half that Lewandowski, Neymar, Mbappe all missed. But in the end, Coman was the one to break the deadlock from Kimmich’s tectonic line.

With this strike, Coman became the fifth French player to score in a Champions League final after Basile Boli (1993), Marcel Desailly (1994), Zinedine Zidane (2002), and Karim Benzema (2018).

Winning the final makes Bayern’s income in the Champions League continue to increase. The Bavarian side earned 82.45 million euros for the results obtained in the tournament and about 32 million euros thanks to the ranking factor. 

Winning the Champions League also means Lewandowski and his teammates will compete for the European Super Cup, guaranteeing an additional 3.5 million euros. In total, Bayern pocketed 117.95 million for success this season.

In terms of bonuses for tournament results, the criteria are the same as last season. For each group stage victory, the team received €2.7 million and €900,000 for a draw.

By the eighth round, they received 9.5 million euros, the quarterfinals 10.5 million and the semi-finals were 12 million. 

In the end, the two teams who won the right to compete in the final received 15 million euros, the champion alone had 4 million more. The winning team will qualify for the European Super Cup, guaranteeing them 3.5 million.

Last season, champions Liverpool pocketed £70 million for the results and a total of 109 million for the awards. 

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What is coach Arsene Wenger doing after breaking up with Arsenal?

Wenger no longer directs his students to play, but he still takes on a job directly related to football.

Wenger left Arsenal at the end of the 2017/18 season after 22 years at the club. For more than 2 decades with the North London team, the French strategist has built an invincible “Gunner”, and helped this team win many titles, including 3 Foreign championships.

After leaving Arsenal, it was rumoured that Coach Wenger would return to France to assume the role of PSG Sports Director. The president of Paris Nasser Al-Khelaifi has met and discussed with the “Professor” about his future plans.

Not long after that, we had news that Wenger would go to Germany to take the coach of Bayern Munich. Individual “Professor” also admitted he was interested in the work at the Allianz Arena. “I miss my old job very much. Training plays an important role in my life and all the other military leaders will have this same view”, Wenger said.

But all the speculation did not happen. Former Arsenal strategist neither returned to France nor went to Germany. The work selected by Wenger after parting “Gunners” is the position of Director of global football development at the World Football Federation (FIFA).

Wenger officially assumed this role in November 2019. “I am looking forward to facing this challenge, not only because of analyzing football in a broader perspective, but also to help football develop”, Wenger said in his inauguration day.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino, meanwhile, expressed his delight at working with the former Arsenal manager: “The knowledge and passion that made Arsene Wenger one of the most famous figures in the football world. I am very proud and happy to welcome him to the FIFA shared house”.

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