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Ronaldo frustrated the Covid-19 test process, posting clips of enthusiastic practice

Ronaldo is very eager to return because he feels very healthy, but the PCR test results show that the Portuguese superstar is still infected with Covid-19.

The great war between Juventus and Barcelona lacks an important name. That is Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar who is still suffering from Covid-19 after 3 tests and still has to isolate himself at his own home. Without the brightest star, Juventus lost 0-2 after 2 goals from Ousmane Dembele and Leo Messi.

A question that many people are interested in at the moment is how is Ronaldo’s current health condition? The answer is very strong. The Portuguese superstar constantly uploads pictures, but videos prove his health is very normal.

Most recently, Ronaldo posted a video on social media showing the Portuguese superstar wearing a Juventus jersey running on a treadmill and then jumping down to make a familiar swinging dance. Along with that is a message to the teammates at Juventus.

In good health but still not able to play, this makes Ronaldo feel frustrated. According to Tuttosport, Ronaldo “is like a monster locked in a cage” and is extremely dissatisfied with being quarantined up to this point.

In a later comment on social networks, Ronaldo could not even keep his composure when he said “hard of hearing”. “PCR testing is nonsense.” Molecular biology testing (PCR) is playing an important role in determining whether a person is infected with Covid-19 or not.

In fact, since being found positive for Covid-19 up to now, Ronaldo has never had any symptoms of infection. Since being in the Portuguese team until now at home, CR7 has not shown any signs and is still functioning normally.

The problem is that the PCR test still shows the Portuguese superstar infected. Therefore, quarantine measures are necessary to avoid transmission. Ronaldo clearly has reason to be impatient because this is the fourth match that CR7 could not participate with Juventus and the results of the team were not satisfactory (1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss).

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