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Ibrahimovic suddenly revealed that he wanted to retire twice

In a recent interview, Ibrahimovic revealed about 2 times he wanted to retire in his life and his ability to be a coach after retiring from professional play.

World football fans are still looking forward to Ibrahimovic’s return day by day. The Swedish striker was injured after making a double against Napoli on November 22. It’s hard to believe that a player who is about to turn 40 like Ibra has had such a great start when he scored 11 goals / 10 games including 10 in Serie A. Currently, Zlatan is leading the list of “Breakers net ”when more than 2 goals than Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, a truth has just been revealed by the Swedish striker in a recent interview with Sky Sport Italia. It was Ibrahimovic who wanted to retire last summer before extending his contract with AC Milan. “Coach Stefano Pioli asked me what do I want to do? Without thinking much I said I would not continue. My family is important to me while I’m here alone. It is a sacrifice.

I think six months is enough. I do not want to continue being away from home for another year. Pioli said that he respected my decision. The next day, we continued to talk. I declared that I would retire because at my age, the contract did not matter anymore.

However, things changed after that. I didn’t want to talk about that reason, but I called Milan and decided to continue playing. I thought about retiring once before when I was playing for MU. I was 35, 36 years old at the time and was seriously injured.

But after I recovered, I told myself that I would play as long as I could. I will retire when the body no longer allows it. Look at Totti, he can play at 40 because he’s still very good. I decided to go to America because I wasn’t sure I could do what I used to do. I am a practical type, not a cliches”.

In addition, Ibrahimovic also half jokingly said that he has no intention of coaching after retiring. “As a coach? I don’t think about it because coaching is an extremely stressful profession. Besides, I’m afraid of making too much demands on the players because that’s what I can do, but not everyone can do it”.

In addition, the Swedish striker also revealed the story of 10 years before joining AC Milan, the team’s goals for this season. According to Ibrahimovic, AC Milan is unlikely to win the Serie A championship this season, but a Champions League qualification is within reach.

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