Ronaldo has successfully shot less than 3% in four years

Cristiano Ronaldo’s conversion rate for free kicks into goals throughout his career has dropped to 6%.

According to The Athletic, Ronaldo has only succeeded two out of 68 free kicks since 2016-2017, reaching a rate of 2.9%. Before that, the Portuguese superstar achieved an average rate of 7.4% in the nine seasons of Real’s shirt. Ronado’s free-kick weapon, apparently, was blunting over the years.

“Ronaldo is always trying to get and take as many free kicks as possible, but the conversion rate to goal is very mediocre,” said The Athletic. Including his career, in the colors of Portuguese clubs and national team, Ronaldo only has a free kick-to-goal conversion rate of 6%. He succeeded 56 out of 933 times in front of penalties.

In nine years playing for Real, Ronaldo has 33 goals from the free kick, after 444 chances. But in the last five seasons, in both Real and Juventus colors, he has only succeeded eight times. At the same time, Lionel Messi got 31 from free kicks, Neymar and Willian had 11 together, and even defender Aleksandar Kolarov got eight like Ronaldo.

In the 2018-2019 season, Ronaldo shot 42 consecutive free kicks without scoring. He only quenched his thirst in the match against Torino last season, with a free kick that raised the score to 3-1. That goal was also the first time Ronaldo took advantage of a free kick, after 81 matches for Juventus.

His ability to score from a free-kick dropped sharply, but the number of goals Ronaldo was still high. In the last season playing for Real, the 35-year-old superstar scored 44 goals. In his first season with Juventus, he scored 28 times and last season had 37 goals. This season, Ronaldo scored nine goals in seven games, including eight in Serie A – second in the list of bombing of the tournament.

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