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Things left behind after the match Man Utd 0-0 Man City

Contrary to the expectation of the live football viewers, the Derby to Manchester was quite bland and closed without any goals.

Pep safe or shy?

Pep Guardiola has surprised live football viewers by launching two defensive midfielders, Fernandinho and Rodri, on a trip to Old Trafford. In the context of Man Utd in a mental crisis after being eliminated from the Champions League, experts believe that The Citizen can fully use to search for 3 points and win the first away win. more than 1 month. However, it seems that Pep did not think about this and it was clearly shown in the starting squad.

After the match, the Spaniard said he was satisfied with this result. Is Pep too safe or is he simply “shy” after each student received 2 defeats against the Reds last season?

John Stones is reviving

Following the excellent performance in previous matches, John Stones continued to have extremely impressive performances in the Derby match. The British midfielder is the best star of this match with 10 times to get the ball back, 1 time to save the shot from the opponent, 2 times to win in hand-to-hand disputes and to pass 96% accuracy.

In the last 5 matches John Stones played in the starting lineup, Man City kept a clean sheet. This leaves Laporte on the bench and the Stones are currently the number 1 choice next to Ruben Dias in The Citizen’s defensive centerpiece.

Desperate attempts by De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes

The two most anticipated stars of the match could not bring the desired results for their team. Kevin De Bruyne, as usual, played exceptionally well with his masterful passing ability. However, he did not receive great support from the back and when he launched a super slit, the strikers of the green shirt team were too bad.

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes is still playing very actively as usual. However, the play of Man Utd has certainly somewhat limited the Portuguese star’s creativity.

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Ronaldo has successfully shot less than 3% in four years

Cristiano Ronaldo’s conversion rate for free kicks into goals throughout his career has dropped to 6%.

According to The Athletic, Ronaldo has only succeeded two out of 68 free kicks since 2016-2017, reaching a rate of 2.9%. Before that, the Portuguese superstar achieved an average rate of 7.4% in the nine seasons of Real’s shirt. Ronado’s free-kick weapon, apparently, was blunting over the years.

“Ronaldo is always trying to get and take as many free kicks as possible, but the conversion rate to goal is very mediocre,” said The Athletic. Including his career, in the colors of Portuguese clubs and national team, Ronaldo only has a free kick-to-goal conversion rate of 6%. He succeeded 56 out of 933 times in front of penalties.

In nine years playing for Real, Ronaldo has 33 goals from the free kick, after 444 chances. But in the last five seasons, in both Real and Juventus colors, he has only succeeded eight times. At the same time, Lionel Messi got 31 from free kicks, Neymar and Willian had 11 together, and even defender Aleksandar Kolarov got eight like Ronaldo.

In the 2018-2019 season, Ronaldo shot 42 consecutive free kicks without scoring. He only quenched his thirst in the match against Torino last season, with a free kick that raised the score to 3-1. That goal was also the first time Ronaldo took advantage of a free kick, after 81 matches for Juventus.

His ability to score from a free-kick dropped sharply, but the number of goals Ronaldo was still high. In the last season playing for Real, the 35-year-old superstar scored 44 goals. In his first season with Juventus, he scored 28 times and last season had 37 goals. This season, Ronaldo scored nine goals in seven games, including eight in Serie A – second in the list of bombing of the tournament.

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Conte angrily criticized the big boss, threatening to leave Inter Milan for what reason?

Coach Antonio Conte had quite harsh words with the threat of resignation to the Inter Milan leadership.

Inter Milan finished Serie A 2019/20 with second place, only 1 point behind champions Juventus. This can be said to be the club’s best performance in a decade in the league and this was thanks to coach Antonio Conte and the help of his assistants and sports director Beppe Marotta.

However, after a 2-0 win at Atalanta, Conte unexpectedly used an interview after the game to express dissatisfaction with the Inter leadership. He said senior team officials should have protected him and the players against the criticism they received when the results were not good at some stage this season.

Conte giận dữ chỉ trích sếp lớn, dọa rời Inter Milan vì lý do gì? - 1

“This is a difficult year, I don’t think the players feel their achievements are recognized and I don’t think my own achievements are recognized. We receive very little support from the club. We will have to improve in all aspects and a big club must also protect our players stronger. At the end of the season I will talk to the management about this, but the chairman (Steven Zhang) is in China”, Conte said.

Conte not only that but recalled an old story at the club to talk about the disrespect of the leaders at Inter. “This has been a stressful year but the players have done well, they have isolated themselves from the criticism and created a solidarity in competition. I do not like those who, although theoretically also Inter, but do not share the difficulties of the team”, Conte said.

“This team has been bombarded by outside public opinion for months without anyone protecting it. My colleagues and I have a vision, we see the path we need to go and know what to do to reach our goals. I just watched an interview with Luciano Spalletti in 2017 when he was still here, and so far nothing has changed at Inter Milan”.

Conte giận dữ chỉ trích sếp lớn, dọa rời Inter Milan vì lý do gì? - 2

Conte also emphasized that his frustration with Inter’s management has nothing to do with the transfer. “I want to make it clear here that I’m not talking about transfers or players, I’m happy with that aspect. I was brought here to help win, and when the season ends I will say things I am not happy to evaluate and offer solutions”, he said.

Conte rumors have been rife with Inter’s leadership for a few months and his recent statements have led Italian public opinion that he is likely to resign at Inter shortly after the end of the upcoming Europa League. Conte has had conflicts with superiors at Chelsea and this is considered to be nothing new in the career of this military leader.

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Which boss is poor in the Premier League?

The owners of Watford, Burnley and Norwich are the poor bosses in the English Premier League.

The Premier League is transformed into a tournament of money and fame, a gathering of wealthy bosses who are willing to splash out hundreds of millions each.

However, not every owner owns a huge fortune like Sheikh Mansour (Man City), Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) or the future manager of Newcastle – Mohammed bin Salman.

According to statistics, Gino Pozzo (Watford), Mike Garlick (Burnley) and the duo Delia Smith – Michael Wynn (Norwich) are the “poor” bosses and bosses of the No. 1 league.

The total assets of the aforementioned men and women are not equal to the value of the wealth of the 17th person Prince Abdullah bin Musaed (Sheffield Utd, 198 million pounds). Specifically, the value of the property of the Italian businessman – Gino Pozzo is about 93 million pounds, and Mike Garlick is 62 million pounds.

Particularly Delia Smith and Michael Wynn, the Norwich couple owns a net worth of 23 million pounds, which is only one corner of the amount of money MU plans to spend on the 20-year-old talent deal Jadon Sancho from Dortmund.

Except for Burnley who seems to be good at pulling, Watford and Norwich are showing the inferiority of the poor. Before the foggy league number 1 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norwich came in with a score of 21 points, while Watford’s position was equal to the points but more than the nearest relegation team in the sub-index.

List of 20 bosses in the Premier League:

  1. Sheikh Mansour (Man City – £ 17.7 billion) (another statistic is £ 23.3 billion)
  2. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea – £ 9.6 billion)
  3. Stan Kroenke (Arsenal – £ 6.8 billion)
  4. Guo Guangchang (Wolves – £ 5.2 billion)
  5. Nassef Sawiris (Aston Villa – £ 5 billion)
  6. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester City – $ 4.6 billion)
  7. Joe Lewis (Tottenham – £ 3.9 billion)
  8. The Glazer Family (MU – £ 3.6 billion)
  9. Gao Jisheng (Southampton – £ 3.1 billion)
  10. Joshua Harris (Crystal Palace – £ 2.7 billion)
  11. Mike Ashley (Newcastle – £ 2.3 billion)
  12. John Henry (Liverpool – £ 2.1 billion)
  13. Farhad Moshiri (Everton – £ 1.5 billion)
  14. Tony Bloom (Brighton – £ 1.3 billion)
  15. David Sullivan and David Gold (West Ham – £ 1.2 billion)
  16. Maxim Demin (Bournemouth – £ 900 million)
  17. Prince Abdullah bin Musaed (Sheffield Utd – £ 198 million)
  18. Gino Pozzo (Watford – £ 93 million)
  19. Mike Garlick (Burnley – £ 62 million)
  20. Delia Smith and Michael Wynn (Norwich – £ 23 million)
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