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What is coach Arsene Wenger doing after breaking up with Arsenal?

Wenger no longer directs his students to play, but he still takes on a job directly related to football.

Wenger left Arsenal at the end of the 2017/18 season after 22 years at the club. For more than 2 decades with the North London team, the French strategist has built an invincible “Gunner”, and helped this team win many titles, including 3 Foreign championships.

After leaving Arsenal, it was rumoured that Coach Wenger would return to France to assume the role of PSG Sports Director. The president of Paris Nasser Al-Khelaifi has met and discussed with the “Professor” about his future plans.

Not long after that, we had news that Wenger would go to Germany to take the coach of Bayern Munich. Individual “Professor” also admitted he was interested in the work at the Allianz Arena. “I miss my old job very much. Training plays an important role in my life and all the other military leaders will have this same view”, Wenger said.

But all the speculation did not happen. Former Arsenal strategist neither returned to France nor went to Germany. The work selected by Wenger after parting “Gunners” is the position of Director of global football development at the World Football Federation (FIFA).

Wenger officially assumed this role in November 2019. “I am looking forward to facing this challenge, not only because of analyzing football in a broader perspective, but also to help football develop”, Wenger said in his inauguration day.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino, meanwhile, expressed his delight at working with the former Arsenal manager: “The knowledge and passion that made Arsene Wenger one of the most famous figures in the football world. I am very proud and happy to welcome him to the FIFA shared house”.

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Mike Mustre: Journey from basketball legend to anti-COVID-19 hero

Mike Mustre, the legendary basketball of the Philippines, is a major contributor in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Former San Miguel Beer player Mike Mustre is one of the medical staff currently risking his life to help COVID-19-positive patients escape death. How the Filipino basketball legend becomes a medical staff in London, it’s a long story.

Having spent 8 years with San Miguel Beer at the PBA Philippines championship, Mike Mustre and his teammates won 5 championships between 1995 and 2002. After that, he was sponsored by his wife to go to England and arrested. beginning learning the work of an expert at St. University Georgre’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Mike Mustre: Hành trình từ huyền thoại bóng rổ tới người hùng chống COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Europe, Britain was one of the countries with the most positive cases in the world, currently there are 51,608 cases including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It was also a time when doctors and specialists like Mike Mustre had to work tirelessly to avoid the rising number of 5,000 deaths.

Mustre’s main job was working as an assistant in the brain and spine surgery room, but the COVID-19 struck him so he had to support his colleagues. Every day, in the hospital and in the place where I live, I can fall victim to this virus at any time, but when I am healthy I still want to do my best to help people”.

Mustre’s wife is also a nurse working in a private hospital, but she has been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), since the Mustre couple decided to separate and not meet. Remove anyone in the family.

Mike Mustre: Hành trình từ huyền thoại bóng rổ tới người hùng chống COVID-19

He and his wife have four children, two boys and two girls, all of whom are passionate about basketball like their father and any other Filipinos. But the arrival of COVID-19 caused the tournaments to be postponed and they suffered from unemployment.

On Good Morning Britain broadcast on Tuesday, journalists and editors praised Mike Mustre and Filipinos living in the UK as the “Silent Hero”.

As the journalist Piers Morgan praised: Mike Mustre and the Filipinos came here to enrich England’s cultural identity, when the country was in danger they dared to use their lives to sacrifice the health of humanity.

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4 players failed to leave Dortmund too early

Dortmund is a beautifully played attacking team in both the Bundesliga and Europe. They exported quite a lot of players to other clubs but not every departure was successful.

Borussia Dortmund has seen a lot of players come and go, especially in the past decade, from having just spent the club into a financially flourishing club. A major contributor to getting rich quick is the transfer activity that sometimes annoys fans. The Gundogan, Aubameyang, Lewandowski are all famous for new teams thanks to their significant contributions but also many players after leaving Signal Iduna Park such as “fish leaving the tank” and struggling in new terminals.

4 cầu thủ thất bại khi rời Dortmund quá sớm - ảnh 1

Shinji Kagawa

Joining Borussia Dortmund before the 2010–2011 season, he immediately gained attention on his new team thanks to his cheerful demeanor and great contributions. Kagawa made an important contribution to bringing Dortmund into a new power in the Bundesliga by winning the German double in the 2011-2012 season. Unfortunately, that double was the last trophy the Japanese player had. In the summer of 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United called Kagawa and he immediately carried a suitcase to move to play in the Premier League for £ 12 million.

Kagawa’s career didn’t go the way he wanted from there. Player with a fresh face could not keep up with English football, Kagawa only scored 6 goals after 2 years playing with “Red Devils”, much less than the 21 goals he scored in 2 seasons fighting in Germany. The return to Dortmund in 2014 was expected to help Kagawa return to its golden age but that did not happen. After being loaned out to Besiktas (Turkey), Kagawa was sold to Spain to play for the average club Zaragoza until now.

Nuri Sahin

Nuri Sahin is Dortmund’s most unfortunate story at the beginning of this decade. Ending a special season 2010 – 2011 in the Bundesliga, Nuri Sahin is a hot item on the transfer market. Real Madrid immediately spent 10 million euros and a six-year contract to remove Sahin from his childhood club in the summer of 2011. Since then, Sahin is no longer himself. He suffered an injury before the 2011-2012 season started and only played four times in La Liga before being loaned to Liverpool on loan by the Royal Spanish team in the 2012-2013 season.

Playing 7 games in Liverpool shirt, scoring 1 goal, Sahin returned to Dortmund on a loan contract in order to regain the feeling of playing football but it was too late. In 2018, Sahin left free and joined Werder Bremen until now with a record of 36 games and scored 1 goal. He is the best example of leaving Dortmund too early.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a strange transfer. He joined Dortmund in the 2013-2014 season with the expectation of replacing Mario Gotze, who was being dragged by Bayern Munich. A skilled player with a boom on the field like Mkhitaryan helped him have his first successful season at Dortmund. After that smooth start, the Armenian player suddenly played very “ungainly” at Signal Iduna Park, the constant disasters named Mkhitaryan made this hot-tempered player unbearable and transferred to the English Premier League. in 2016 he joined Manchester United and Arsenal before losing out in AS Roma with a loan deal.

Ousmane Dembele

Everyone remembers the story of Dortmund refusing to sell Dembele to Barcelona, ​​which made the young Frenchman flutter at Signal Iduna Park. He is also the player hated by many Dortmund fans to date despite being only 22 years old.

4 cầu thủ thất bại khi rời Dortmund quá sớm - ảnh 4

Finally, Dembele was also given the Barcelona shirt in 2017 for a second record price of 105 million euros in the Nou Camp, he was also the fastest player to increase the price by 10 times after just one year playing football. In the two and a half years after leaving Dortmund, Dembele suddenly no longer possessed deadly passes and cold finishing. Injury has resulted in more players being born in France with Mali’s father and Senegalese mother on the hospital. The irony is that Dembele was injured on the training ground rather than playing, making Barcelona seem to no longer want to harbor Dembele. This may be a bit sad for Dortmund, but the team coach quickly smiled because they earned up to 105 million euros for a player who has only played 51 times during the last three seasons.

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  • In 1950, the World Cup took place in Brazil. During the final of this championship this year, no one believed that under the cheering of almost 200.000 spectators on legendary Maracana Stadium, Brazil National Team ended up as a loser to Uruguay National Football Team. This has been one of the most shocking events in football history until now.
  • In 2006, the largest-scale football betting scandal and match-fixing which had never been seen before produced a stir in the whole world. Calciopoli is the scandal which led to Juventus Club’s championship disqualification of 2005 and 2006. This club was also under-ranked to play for Serie B. AC Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and other football teams such as Reggina, Arezzo were also fined with different measures. If there were no championship for Juventus in 2006, a lot of Italian football players would be put in jail.
  • In 2000, Figo decided to sign a contract with the opponent team of Barcelona – Real Madrid with a staggering transformation fee of 38,7 million pounds. This transformation deal has added insult to injury between these 2 prestigious teams.
  • In the semi-final of World Cup 1982, when France has to face West Germany, Battiston comes into play from the substitute position in round 2. After 10 minutes of the match, Battiston was so close to scoring the goal when there was just only goalkeeper of West France Schumacher. However, a horrific thing happened when, in an effort for saving the lost, goalkeeper Harald Schumacher’s hips collided with the head of Barriston. This collide made Battiston fall into unconsciousness immediately. His neck was broken. Michel Platini said he had thought Battison had died, as “Barriston does not have heartbeat anymore and looked totally pale.” But luckily, he was taken to the hospital just in time.
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5. “Alien” Ronaldo (Fat Ronaldo)

The next player in the legendary football players list is Ronaldo – who has the ”alien” nickname. He is the top-ranking player of Brazil National Football Team who played a crucial part in gaining various prestigious  titles for the whole team.

Apart from that, Ronaldo has gained Ballon d’Or title twice and also, he  was the youngest football player throughout the history to be awarded the ”European Golden Shoe” when he was at the age of 21. In regarding of many different factors, “alien” Ronaldo deserves to be the most legendary football player of all time. “There will be just a few players in the near future can compare with this legends” – football experts said.

6. Zinedine Zidane:

.Zinedine Zidane is also another outstanding player on the list of legendary football players of all time. During his professional football career, he used to help French Football National Team to bring home the bacon with World Cup 1998 Champion, Euro 2000 Champion and won d’Or title in 1998. Apart from that, Zidane is also the player who broke the record of the most staggering transformation contract of up to 77 million euro from Juventus to Real. 

Nowadays, Zidane is no longer a professional football player. However, he is a professional coach for the Spanish Royal Football Team – Real Madrid and has gained a lot of success for this renowned club. 

 7. Alfredo Di Stefano

Di Stefano used to be well-known as the soul of Real Madrid during the 50s of the last decade. Former Argentina striker is the 3rd most outstanding player throughout the history of Real Madrid with great achievements: 216 wins in 282 plays, the players who had most scores in El Clasico play history. 

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Football is a “king” sport that offers its fans unforgettable feelings. Apart from great matches, football is also where “legends” were born. 

1, “King of soccer” Pele

King of soccer may be a name that reminds people of Pele more than his real one. Being born and raised in a country where football is one of the most thriving sports – Brazil, Pele started training football since the age of 15 and at the age of 17, he became part National Brazil Football Team and also in this year, his National team becomes World Cup champion. 

During his football playing career, Pele used to win 3 World Cup Championship and become the most prolific goal scorer in Brazil National Football Team. According to IFFHS, Pele is also a legendary goal scorer in international football history with 1281 goals in total 1363 matches. 

2. “Golden boy” Diego Maradona

Even though there are a lot of scandals outside the football pitch, Argentina football legendary – Maradona is still deserved to be one of the greatest football players all over the world. With endowed talent, he has played an important part in the World Cup 1986 Championship of Argentina.

In football club career, Maradona is also an outstanding player who helped Napoli ranked first Seria A in 2 seasons in 1987 and in 1990. Moreover, he also earned various individual titles and football cups throughout his legendary career. 

3. Legend Johann Cruyff

Johann Cruyff is a Netherlands legendary football player. Throughout his football playing career, he used to take part in top-ranked football clubs such as Ajax and Barcelona and became the most crucial factor leading to these clubs’ success. 

4. “King” Franz Beckenbauer

If Brazil has ”King of football” Pele, then in Germany, Franz Beckenbauer is the legend in the football field worldwide. He is one of very few players who have resounding triumph both on his playing and coaching career lately.

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As everyone knows, football is an entertaining recreation. However, few of us also recognize how cruel this sport is. This is a story about Moacir Barbosa, the most unfortunate victim in football’s history. Just because of a fault, he had to pay off through his lifetime.

World Cup 1958 is the first time when Brazil won the title. However, at that moment of celebrating that world championship, Samba people we’re still mournful as they were supposed to be champion 8 years previously.

This is Moacir Barbosa, who was considered as World Cup 1950’s loser. He was the main reason for Brazil’s championship loss that year and then turned back on by the whole nation. 

Back in 1950, Brazil showed its great grave for winning the title. Throughout 60 years since its Independence day, they had never had the chance to do this. At that year, the World Cup was celebrated in Brazil, which was a special occasion for Brazilians. Mayor Rio de Janeiro on the day of publishing extravagant Maracana stadium declined: ” We finished our work of building Maracana, now it’s your turn, bring home the World Cup bacon.” 

On the 16th of July, there were 200.000 spectators gathering in Maracana to speculate the fateful final. When the match only had 24 minutes left and the score was 1-1, Brazil was close to being champion. Unfortunately, at the 79th minute, Alcides Ghiggia of Uruguay shot the ball perfectly to the goal while Canadian goalkeeper Barbosa could not read Alcides’ mind.

After that regretful failure in the decisive final, Moacir Barbosa was accused as the goalkeeper who ”made all of the Canadian cry”. He was condemned for life and treated badly since that day. Neither the National team not football club calls for Moacir until the end of his life. He died in poverty and disaffection of the whole nation. On the day he passed away, he said: ” In Brazil, the longest sentence only lasts 30 years, while I had to suffer from the 50-year sentence of the whole nation..”

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