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Which scenario for the European Cup race next season? (Part 1)

Leicester, Chelsea, MU still maintain the position, or spoilers Wolves appear in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season? Only time will tell for this difficult question. 

If there is a spectacular sprint at the end of the season, Manchester United is fully capable of returning to the Champions League after a year of absence. Theoretically, Chelsea or Leicester City are the teams that took advantage of the top 4 race, before the Premier League returned after the outbreak. However, in terms of form, MU was the first team to impress professionals before the tournament was postponed because of Covid-19. 

Kịch bản nào cho cuộc đua dự cúp Châu Âu mùa tới? - 1

So far, MU has had a series of 14 unbeaten matches in all fronts. “Red Devil” has entered the phom, with the shine of rookie Bruno Fernandes. The presence of the Portuguese midfielder creates a fresh feature in MU’s play, boosting the fighting spirit of the current stars. It can be said that Fernandes is one of the most successful contracts in the past winter market. He did not spend much time catching up with his teammates, making a huge impact on the squad. Fernandes takes a long shot, supports the defense, passes the ball and especially the tricky and precise fixed situations. That is what MU has lacked for many years.

Kịch bản nào cho cuộc đua dự cúp Châu Âu mùa tới? - 2

Therefore, when the Premier League returns, Fernandes will probably improve even more after spending a longer time with the new team. The videos of Fernandes training and honing long-range skills and free kicks during the outbreak show the progress of this midfielder. The spirit of determination played by Bruno Fernandes is also something MU lacks for many years. This can greatly affect the chances of attending the Champions League at the end of the red half of Manchester. A schedule that is not too heavy, relatively moderate in the rest of the season is also the reason why MU is highly appreciated in the race to qualify for the Champions League next season. 

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7 moments to decide the championship of Liverpool

Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time with a spectacular journey, including a number of crucial moments.

1. Norwich 3-2 Man City

This is Man City’s first defeat in the Premier League this season. They were at a disadvantage when center-back Laporte was injured and the pair of John Stones – Otamendi could not bring the necessary certainty after Kompany’s departure.

Moreover, coach Pep Guardiola also made the mistake of placing Kevin de Bruyne on the bench and only threw this player in the second half when Man City was 3-1. The shock defeat against Norwich made Man City 5 points behind Liverpool after only the first 5 rounds.

2. Liverpool 2-1 Leicester

Liverpool have had a difficult match against Leicester playing brilliantly this season under the direction of coach Brendan Rodgers. When James Maddison equalized for Leicester in the 80th minute, many thought Liverpool had lost points for the first time this season.

But in the end, Mane still brought a penalty in the 90 + 5 minutes to help Milner score a valuable goal and ensure a successful victory for Liverpool in the first 8 rounds.

3. Man City 0-2 Wolves

Liverpool’s joy of winning Leicester also doubled when City lost shock Wolves the next day. It was a rare match where the City strikers could not score, and Adama Traore had a brilliant performance, scoring 2 goals in the last 15 minutes.

This defeat caused City to be 8 points behind Liverpool when the new season passed the first 8 rounds.

4. Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool

Once again Liverpool escaped spectacularly in injury time. Klopp’s side were led by Aston Villa until the 87th minute.

But Liverpool strikers still managed to score 2 goals in the last 7 minutes to complete the spectacular comeback and maintain an unbeaten record after the first 11 rounds. This victory also helped Liverpool maintain a 6-point gap with Man City.

5. Liverpool 3-1 Man City

Winning a 6-point match is very important both mentally and score. Liverpool continued to be unbeaten, and Man City received the third defeat and the gap between the two teams was also widened to 9 points after only 12 rounds.

6. Leicester 0-4 Liverpool

Returning from the tiring journey at the FIFA Club World Cup, Liverpool immediately gained prestige with a 4-star victory right on the nearest chasing opponent, Leicester. This victory shows the terrifying strength and persistence of Liverpool this season, despite having to fight in many arenas.

3 points to help Liverpool away from Leicester itself is ranked 2nd with a distance of 13 points, despite playing less than 1 match. At that time, the Premier League just experienced the first 19 rounds.

7. Liverpool 2-0 MU

MU was the only team to score against Liverpool in the first leg, but that result cannot be repeated in the second leg. Liverpool defeated MU 2-0 at home to have 22 victories in the first 23 rounds.

At that time, Liverpool had 30 points more than MU and 16 points more than the second ranked team Man City, but still played less than 1 match. At this time, the most dreamed fans did not dare to believe that Liverpool missed the championship.

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Football prediction before the 30th round of the Premier League

Chelsea have a very good chance to make a breakthrough in the Top 4 race when Tottenham and Man Utd will have a heated encounter tonight.

After more than three months of suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s No. 1 Premier League tournament returned to football live viewers with two matches between Aston Villa vs Sheffield Utd and Man City vs Arsenal. At the end of the week, the exciting matches in the 30th Premier League will continue with exciting matches and it is expected that there will be goals scored.

In the earliest match tonight, Man Utd will have an operation that is extremely difficult to come to Tottenham. Spurs are a direct competitor to the Red Devils in the battle to qualify for the Champions League next year, and a three-month break has given them a strong army for an important match tonight. Football experts, meanwhile, predict that fans will see Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba together for the first time, and that this will surely generate immense excitement. If Man Utd wins, they will directly eliminate a dangerous opponent. Meanwhile if Man Utd fails, not only was Tottenham shortened the gap but also likely to be left by Chelsea.

The Blues are causing international press to spend a lot of ink with the successful recruitment of Timo Werner. However, the important task of the Lampard teachers and students is to keep their fourth place. Aston Villa are not rivals Chelsea if they play well. However, Tammy Abraham and his teammates also need to be very vigilant because the Birmingham team is very thirsty to escape the red light group.

Liverpool could not be crowned in this round because Man City defeated Arsenal in the match. However, the army of coach Jurgen Klopp must still win the Derby on Merseyside against Everton because they will officially win the championship in round 31 if they win 6 more points.

In a number of other notable matches, Arsenal have the opportunity to dispel the frustration on Thursday when guests on Brighton’s pitch. Wolverhamton and Sheffield have simple challenges on the grounds of West Ham and Newcastle while Man City is expected to have an easy match against their favorite opponent Burnley.

Specific schedule of round 30 Premier League:

  • Norwich vs Southampton
  • Tottenham vs Man Utd
  • Watford vs Leicester City
  • Brighton vs Arsenal
  • Newcastle vs Sheffield Utd
  • West Ham vs Wolves
  • Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace
  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  • Everton vs Liverpool
  • Man City vs Burnley
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How many goals does Neymar score in his career?

Although only 28 years old, but Neymar has reached an impressive scoring milestone, promising to approach two superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Neymar was once considered the star that could replace Messi and Ronaldo dominated world football. Although not yet done, but at least the Brazilian superstar still forced people to remind him of his remarkable scoring skills.

Before the European tournaments were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the striker born in 1992 was able to shine with the goal to open the score in the return leg of the 1/8 Champions League against Dortmund.  

Neymar’s strike in the head of the city in the 28th minute helped PSG beat Dortmund with a score of 3-2, thereby booking a place in the quarter-finals of the club’s most prestigious continent.

According to statistics, that is the 400th goal of Neymar in both the club career, the young teams of Brazil and the Brazilian national team. 400 goals is clearly an impressive milestone for a player who hasn’t turned 30 yet.  

That is, Neymar can completely go as far as to go beyond the goals of Ronaldo and Messi, who have entered the end of their careers (Ronaldo and Messi have scored a total of 1,449 goals, of which El Pulga poor CR7 once tore the opponent).

Of the 400 goals so far, 138 have been scored by Neymar in the Santos shirt, the team he has worked with since starting his career until the age of 21.

In 4 years with Barca, from 2013 to 2017, the Brazilian superstar has 114 goals, ie, the average of each opponent’s net 28.5 times. At PSG, Neymar has 69 fires, many of which are decisive goals. In the Brazil national team shirt, Neymar has 61 goals after 101 appearances. The remaining 18 goals were scored by the striker born in 1992 for young teams (1 goal of U17, 9 goals of U20 and 8 goals of Olympic).

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Ronaldo surprised Juventus with the better physical index than in March

Cristiano Ronaldo, when he returned to training with Juventus, made the staff of the club by the physical indicators even better than in March.

Cristiano Ronaldo was checked by every Juventus employee on every aspect of the physical and published data that surprised everyone, because it was better than in March, when the season was halted due to COVID-19.

According to Tuttosport, the CR7 machine power tests have provided higher data than in March. This can be considered as a result of rigorous training in the Portuguese star’s gym throughout. months in Madeira.

Ronaldo returned to his home town on March 9 and practiced tirelessly with the equipment in his modern gym. Most of the photos of CR7 posted on social networks show how hard he works to keep fit.

Like many other players, COVID-19 has brought paradox when creating positive effects for Ronaldo. He has the maximum amount of time to maintain fitness with personal exercises that are his forte.

But if not in the gym, Ronaldo is also ready to train (crunch) in the basement of the garage, running steeply outside the villa’s premises with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Or in the final days in Madeira before returning to Italy, Ronaldo contacted the old club Nacional to practice on the field with two other players.

After 2 weeks of isolation in Italy, Ronaldo returned to training with Juventus with a slim and toned body as usual. What he showed on the pitch led fans to believe that the star remained high, despite not playing for 3 months.

CR7 has been astonishing on the training ground by shooting the ball into the basketball net basket, great sprint and the latest is beating goalkeeper Carlo Pinsiglio with an incredible shot. All are proof of his perfect physical condition.

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List of teams winning the European Super Cup over the years

Updated details of the list of European Super Cup champions since their first stint in 1973.

The European Super Cup is a match between the C1 / Champions League champion and the team crowned in the Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup).

The first European Super Cup took place in 1973 between Ajax and AC Milan. Over nearly half a century, AC Milan and Barca are the two richest clubs in the European Super Cup with 5 victories. Followed by Real Madrid 4 times and Atletico Madrid, Liverpool – 3 times.


Nationally, Spain is dominating the European Supercup with 15 times the representative who stepped onto the top of the podium. Behind Spain are Italy (9 times) and England (7 times).

Notably, the Champions League/Champions Cup winners have won 24 of 44 European Super Cups. Liverpool is champions of the European Super Cup after beating Chelsea in a penalty shootout 11 meters in August last year.


List of teams winning the European Super Cup over the years

1973: Ajax vs AC Milan: 0-1; 6-0

1974: Not organized

1975: Dinamo Kiev vs Bayern Munich: 1-0; 2-0

1976: Anderlecht vs Bayern Munich: 1-2; 4-1

1977: Liverpool vs Hamburg: 1-1; 6-0

1978: Anderlecht vs Liverpool: 3-1; 1-2

1979: Nottingham Forest vs Barca: 1-0; 1-1

1980: Valencia vs Nottingham Forest: 1-2; 1-0 (Valencia wins the final thanks to the away goal rule)

1981: Not organized

1982: Aston Villa vs Barca: 0-1; 3-0

1983: Aberdeen vs Hamburg: 0-0; 2-0

1984: Juventus vs Liverpool: 2-0

1985: Not organized

1986: Steaua Bucuresti vs Dinamo Kiev: 1-0

1987: Porto vs Ajax: 1-0; 1-0

1988: Mechelen vs PSV: 3-0; 0-1

1989: AC Milan vs Barca: 1-1; 1-0

1990: AC Milan vs Sampdoria: 1-1; 2-0

1991: MU vs Red Star Belgrade: 1-0

1992: Barca vs Bremen: 1-1; 2-1

1993: Parma vs AC Milan: 1-1; 2-0

1994: AC Milan vs Arsenal: 0-0; 2-0

1995: Ajax vs Zaragoza: 1-1; 4-0

1996: Juventus vs PSG: 6-1; 3-1

1997: Barca vs Dortmund: 2-0; 1-1

1998: Chelsea vs Real Madrid: 1-0

1999: Lazio vs MU: 1-0

2000: Galatasaray vs Real Madrid: 2-1

2001: Liverpool vs Bayern Munich: 3-2

2002: Real Madrid vs Feyenoord: 3-1

2003: AC Milan vs Porto: 1-0

2004: Valencia vs Porto: 2-1

2005: Liverpool vs CSKA Moscow: 3-1

2006: Sevilla vs Barca: 3-0

2007: AC Milan vs Sevilla: 3-1

2008: Zenit vs MU: 2-1

2009: Barca vs Shakhtar Donetsk: 1-0

2010: Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan: 2-0

2011: Barca vs Porto: 2-0

2012: Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea: 4-1

2013: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea: 2-2 (penalty: 5-4)

2014: Real Madrid vs Sevilla: 2-0

2015: Barca vs Sevilla: 5-4

2016: Real Madrid vs Sevilla: 3-2

2017: Real Madrid vs MU: 2-1

2018: Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid: 4-2

2019: Liverpool vs Chelsea: 2-2 (penalty: 5-4)

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What is the Barca 2009 roster?

The 2009 Barca squad worsened the world with only a few faces continuing to stick with the Nou Camp, some looking for new docks, some retired.

In the 2008/09 season, Barca won the historic “6” with the La Liga championship, the Copa del Rey, the Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the FIFA World Cup.  

Under the guidance of coach Pep Guardiola, the 2009 Barca squad was the master at controlling the game. When faced with Barca’s tiqui-taca tactics, many teams are almost watching.  

Barca team has swept the world that year now, let’s go!

1. Víctor Valdes (1982): Retiring after the 2016/17 season.

2. Martin Cáceres (1987): Jacket Fiorentina.

3. Gerard Pique (1987): There is a 12th season playing for Barca.

4. Eric Abidal (1979): Barca Sports Director.

5. Carles Puyol (1978): Retiring after the 2013/14 season. Nearly a year ago, Puyol was proposed to take on the position of Barca director.

6. Al Sadd (1980): Head coach Al Sadd (Qatar).

7. Eidur Gudjohnsen (1978): Assistant coach of U21 Iceland team.

8. Andres Iniesta (1984): Dressed with Vissel Kobe Club (J-League).

9. Samuel Eto’o (1981): Retired after the 2018/19 season.

10. Lionel Messi (1987): There is a 16th season playing for Barca 1.

11. Bojan Krkic (1990): Dressed in Montreal Impact (MLS).

12. Jose Manuel Pinto (1975): Retired after the 2013/14 season.

13. Thierry Henry (1977): Head coach Montreal Impact (MLS)

14. Seydou Keita (1980): Retired after the 2016/17 season.

15. Sylvinho (1974): Just left the coach of Lyon.

16. Gabriel Milito (1980): Just left the coach Estudiantes coach.

17. Dani Alves (1983): Dressing in Sao Paulo.

18. Alexander Hleb (1981): Retiring after the 2019 season.

19. Rafael Marquez (1979): Retired after the 2017/18 season.

20. Yaya Toure (1983): Dressed in Qingdao Huanghai (Chinese Super League)

21. Albert Jorquera (1979): Retired after the 2009/10 season.

22. Pedro (1987): There is a fifth season playing for Chelsea.

23. Sergio Busquets: There is a 12th season playing for the first team Barca.

24. Victor Sanchez (1987): There is an eighth season playing for Espanyol.

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How does Dybala get rid of corona virus after 4 positive times?

Dybala has fully recovered after getting rid of the corona virus, although 4 different tests were positive previously.

In March, shortly after teammates Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi received positive results for COVID-19, Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini became victims of the corona virus.

Since then, the couple has to be isolated in their own home to treat themselves. For about 6 weeks as a victim and as a doctor, Dybala seemed to have defeated the corona virus when posting the message: “I was feeling better, no longer aching or tired. Hopefully, I can return to normal training ”.

Dybala thoát khỏi virus corona sau 4 lần dương tính như thế nào?

However, while Rugani and Matuidi were cured in turn, undergoing four different tests, the striker born in 1993 was still positive for COVID-19. That made Dybala and the Juventus medical team really worried.

Immediately, the 27-year-old striker was appointed for more intensive treatment, beginning with a blood sample to test for the origin of the virus and the variant, as well as the likelihood of the virus remaining.

Plasma transfusion therapy from a person who has been removed from the corona virus to an infected person is also included in the treatment regimen.

And finally the good news came to Dybala. After 1 week of intensive treatment, the former Palermo player got rid of the corona virus. “Dybala has just been double tested, and all have negative results. This player has recovered and defeated COVID-19”, the club Juventus announced.

Dybala thoát khỏi virus corona sau 4 lần dương tính như thế nào?

Dybala also did not hide his joy after a while fighting the evil virus: “Looking at my face is enough to understand how great my joy is after getting rid of COVID-19. Thanks for all the support and support for me all the time, ”the striker of the“ Old lady ”payroll shared on Instagram.

After recovering, Dybala was given the green light by Juventus to return to practice. However, the Argentine star still trains at home because he needs an additional 14 days of follow-up.

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Messi and the Top 25 most famous Barca players in La Masia

Lionel Messi is one of the best Barca players to ever grow up from the famous La Masia youth academy.

In 1979, Barca decided to set up a youth training academy as a source of additional players for the first team and instill the club’s football philosophy. The academy is named La Masia, in Spanish it means to farm.

After more than 40 years of development, La Masia has produced a series of talented players, successful in both Barca and many other big clubs in Europe. Recently, Sun Sport has held a list of 25 most talented players ever produced from La Masia.

Messi và Top 25 cầu thủ Barca lừng danh nhất lò La Masia

Lionel Messi ranked first with great achievements in 16 years with the first team. He holds the record for Barca with 638 goals and is also aiming to record the most playing field for Barca belongs to Xavi Hernandez.

The pair Xavi – Iniesta respectively ranked in the next position with nearly 20 years of dedication to the home team and reaped countless La Liga titles and the C1 Cup. When they were together, the two players were rated by experts as one of the greatest central midfield pairs in history.

Ranked in fourth place is center-back Carles Puyol, symbolizing the certainty of the Barca defense in the previous period. Former captain Pep Guardiola ranked 5th on this list when playing a key role in Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team. The legendary Dutch strategist once rated Guardiola as one of the best midfielders in the world of his generation.

Messi và Top 25 cầu thủ Barca lừng danh nhất lò La Masia

The remaining places in the Top 10 best talents voted by Sun Sport are Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique, Mauro Icardi and Pedro. In particular, Busquets, Pique and Pedro all achieved success with Barca, while Fabregas and Icardi mostly shined after leaving Barca to play more.

Top 25 talents of the best La Masia oven history

Football playerLocationTime to play for Barca (years)Current club
Lionel MessiStriker16Barca
Xavi HernandezMidfielder17Retired
Andres IniestaMidfielder16Vissel Kobe
Carles Puyolcentral defender15Retired
Pep GuardiolaMidfielder11Retired
Cesc FabregasMidfielder3Monaco
Sergio BusquetsMidfielder12Barca
Gerard Piquecentral defender12Barca
Mauro IcardiStriker3 (youth team)PSG
Victor ValdesGoalie12 Retired
Mikel ArtetaMidfielder5 (youth team)Retired
Adama TraoreMidfielder2Wolves
Ivan de la PenaMidfielder4Retired
Thiago MottaMidfielder6Retired
Sergi BarjuanDefender9Retired
Hector BellerinDefender8 (youth team)Arsenal
Guillermo AmorMidfieldertenRetired
Pepe ReinaGoalie2Aston Villa
Albert FerrerDefender8Retired
Andre OnanaGoalie5 (youth team)Ajax
Luis GarciaMidfielder1Retired
Dani OlmoMidfielder7 (youth team)RB Leipzig
Alex GrimaldoDefender7 (youth team)Benfica
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Which boss is poor in the Premier League?

The owners of Watford, Burnley and Norwich are the poor bosses in the English Premier League.

The Premier League is transformed into a tournament of money and fame, a gathering of wealthy bosses who are willing to splash out hundreds of millions each.

However, not every owner owns a huge fortune like Sheikh Mansour (Man City), Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) or the future manager of Newcastle – Mohammed bin Salman.

According to statistics, Gino Pozzo (Watford), Mike Garlick (Burnley) and the duo Delia Smith – Michael Wynn (Norwich) are the “poor” bosses and bosses of the No. 1 league.

The total assets of the aforementioned men and women are not equal to the value of the wealth of the 17th person Prince Abdullah bin Musaed (Sheffield Utd, 198 million pounds). Specifically, the value of the property of the Italian businessman – Gino Pozzo is about 93 million pounds, and Mike Garlick is 62 million pounds.

Particularly Delia Smith and Michael Wynn, the Norwich couple owns a net worth of 23 million pounds, which is only one corner of the amount of money MU plans to spend on the 20-year-old talent deal Jadon Sancho from Dortmund.

Except for Burnley who seems to be good at pulling, Watford and Norwich are showing the inferiority of the poor. Before the foggy league number 1 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norwich came in with a score of 21 points, while Watford’s position was equal to the points but more than the nearest relegation team in the sub-index.

List of 20 bosses in the Premier League:

  1. Sheikh Mansour (Man City – £ 17.7 billion) (another statistic is £ 23.3 billion)
  2. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea – £ 9.6 billion)
  3. Stan Kroenke (Arsenal – £ 6.8 billion)
  4. Guo Guangchang (Wolves – £ 5.2 billion)
  5. Nassef Sawiris (Aston Villa – £ 5 billion)
  6. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester City – $ 4.6 billion)
  7. Joe Lewis (Tottenham – £ 3.9 billion)
  8. The Glazer Family (MU – £ 3.6 billion)
  9. Gao Jisheng (Southampton – £ 3.1 billion)
  10. Joshua Harris (Crystal Palace – £ 2.7 billion)
  11. Mike Ashley (Newcastle – £ 2.3 billion)
  12. John Henry (Liverpool – £ 2.1 billion)
  13. Farhad Moshiri (Everton – £ 1.5 billion)
  14. Tony Bloom (Brighton – £ 1.3 billion)
  15. David Sullivan and David Gold (West Ham – £ 1.2 billion)
  16. Maxim Demin (Bournemouth – £ 900 million)
  17. Prince Abdullah bin Musaed (Sheffield Utd – £ 198 million)
  18. Gino Pozzo (Watford – £ 93 million)
  19. Mike Garlick (Burnley – £ 62 million)
  20. Delia Smith and Michael Wynn (Norwich – £ 23 million)

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